VCP-IaaS vs. VCP-Cloud: Cloud Exam Faceoff

Great article for those undecided on VCP-Cloud versus VCP-DCV + VCP-IaaS.


Today VMware released the VCP-Cloud exam, which is in turn gives you the right to call yourself VCP-Cloud certified.

But there are two paths to the certification:

  1. If you have VCP-DV, you can take the VCP-IaaS exam and then be VCP-Cloud certified.
  2. If you complete one of the prerequisete courses you can take the VCP-Cloud exam and then be VCP-Cloud Certified.
    • The prerequisetes courses are vCloud Director: Install, Configure, Manage or VMware vCloud: Deploy and Manage the VMware vCloud (v 1.5).

As you can see we have a VCP-Cloud and a VCP-IaaS exam to acquire VCP-Cloud certification.


If we compare the two exams they are similar on some levels, but the amount of sections on each of them to process is HUGELY different. Lets the comparing begin.

Lets start with amount of questions and time you have to complete them:

  • VCP-IaaS: 85 Question and 90 minutes (plus non-english minutes for those applicable)
  • VCP-Cloud: 240 questions and 225 minutes ( note: the…

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