opvizor – Leading VMware healthcheck solution

opvizor allows you to proactively diagnose and fix critical errors in your virtual environment.  Their rule base contains over 730+ known problems and misconfiguration issues and directs you on how to address the issue via PowerCLI, videos, VMware best practice documentation and more.

You can complete a free health check in 6 minutes.  There are many advantages to using opvizor –

Advantages of opvizor
• Presents valuable findings, without training in less than 30 minutes
• Analyzes the VMware vSphere infrastructure against more than 730 scenarios
• Offers detailed and validated solutions for each detected error
• Analyzes performance shortcuts, configuration errors and security leaks
• Points out Vendor and Community Best Practices for the environment
• Offers several reports to effectively use resources and document detected and resolved issues

Enterprise Edition highlights
• Change Management report as well as assignment of the VM configuration changes according to the corresponding configuration problems
• Application Optimizer, helps to optimize virtual machines for the usage of applications like Oracle data bases or a file server and to get the maximum performance out of VMware
• Reports on discovered errors within the VMware infrastructure, which lead to downtimes and performance loss

Free Edition – besides few functionality restrictions some analyses restrictions apply
• Limited to 1 VM ware Cluster
• Analyses every 48 hours
• Maximum of 10 Reports per month

Visit http://www.opvizor.com/ now to check your virtual infrastructure health.

(Data from opvizor website)


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